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Multi-biometric verification is a typical problem where information from different sources are normalized and fused to make a binary decision and therefore a good platform to evaluate the proposed normalization. These textures can then be applied to the simplified mesh to give it an appearance that is similar in detail as the original high resolution mesh. Biological diversity is decreasing at a rate of times pre-human rates 639, and to avoid species extinction; we need to understand factors influencing the occurrence of species. The outputs of the single minutia gender predictions are combined by a novel adjusted score fusion approach to obtain an enhanced gender decision. Mit beispielsweise der Barycenter, Median oder Sifting Heuristik existieren für dieses Problem schon eine große Vielzahl an unterschiedlichsten Algorithmen. Yes, crowdsourcing is the best way to speed up these annotations tasks.

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Protecting the camera's constituent electric parts against water leads to refractive effects emanating from the water-glassair transition of light rays. Existing group-based methods have extensively investigated how to make group division more accurately in a tracking-by-detection framework; however, few of them quantify the group dynamics from the perspective of targets' spatial topology or consider the group in a dynamic view. Show publication details Interactive Personalization of Ambient Assisted Living Environments Symposium on Human Interface 2011, Orlando, FL, USA Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) comprises methods, systems, and services applied to improve the quality of daily life for humans, especially elderly people. Nowadays two SDKs are most used for GPU programming: cuda and OpenCL. In contrast, this work presents novel face morphing attacks based on image generated by generative adversarial networks. We show that additionally needed refractive parameters in such a system can be calibrated simultaneously. Neben den Finanznetzwerken wird in dieser Arbeit auch eine andere Anwendungsdomäne beschrieben.

In this paper we address this problem with a focus on the automatic segmentation of wood logs. The "Good" class contains natural scene text boxes that can be read by the Tesseract engine with no errors. The system uses a mesh deformation technique to deform the evaluated surface of the model and creates a progression of intermediate target meshes. Als Ergebnis erhält man bis zu drei Segmentierungen möglicher Tumorkandidaten, von denen der Arzt entscheiden kann, welche er verwenden möchte. It helps the user in writing scientific papers. The definition of similarity at run time would solve this problem.

We derive the modulation transfer function theoretically and validate it experimentally on synthetic examples using rendered images as well as on photographs of a 3D test target. Show publication details 3D Volume Data Segmentation from Superquadric Tensor Analysis International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (grapp) 5, 2010, Angers, France The segmentation of 3D target objects into coherent subregions is one of the most important. As a crucial supplementary of biometrics, the template protection technique can prevent security leakages and protect privacy. Our approach improves the visual analysis of trends by investigating the entire transformation steps from raw and structured data to visual representations. This is typically not true so that least-squares fitting of a planar patch leads to systematic errors which are of particular importance for multi-scale surface reconstruction. We enhance the orientation of the local coordinate system to further improve the method. We evaluate the performance of our system in realworld settings with images of piles of textiles, taken using stereo vision. Fourth, the results of different clusterings can be compared, and frequent document subsets in clusters can be identified. In order to perform risk assessment calculations, the capabilities of the vitruv Tool developed at Fraunhofer EMI are utilized. Show publication details 3D Face Recognition with Local Binary Patterns International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing (IIH-MSP) 6, 2010, Darmstadt, Germany Human faces are one of the most important and most popular biometric modalities. A computational investigation of L however must rely on a finite number of sampled scales. The scope of our thesis is to analyze and compare the perceived limits and pose estimation of crowd workers for the annotation of x-ray images.

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Obwohl diese Netze heutzutage Dank mobiler Technik und wlan fast omnipräsent sind, arbeiten die darin enthaltenen Abspielgeräte immer noch weitgehend distinkt voneinander. The approach consists of a three dimensional model, where semantic data, user and visualization are set in relation in different abstraction layer. In dieser Arbeit werden Visualisierungsmethoden vorgestellt, die diese Probleme versuchen zu lösen, ohne dass dabei die geographische Struktur des Graphen zu stark verändert wird. The personalization of IoT services is important for the usability and user experience, but the rapidly growing number of IoT services and therefore the increasing number of possibilities, makes it hard for the user to configure an IoT system. We could immediately see the mTurk workers performed well We could see when the difference in Euclidean distance between the screws is 1 pixel or less, both the controlled and the mTurk workers could classify with an accuracy. The applicability in everyday life could not be shown due to independent problems with the location tracking of the floor during the evaluation period and the lack of additional data for the validation. Based on short walking sequences of 5 s, we identify four users with an accuracy of 94, and 30 users with an accuracy. Moreover, the detectability of the proposed MorGAN attacks is studied, in the scenarios where this type of attacks is know and unknown. Even today most of these knowledge systems present timedependent semantic knowledge in textual form, what makes it difficult for the average user to understand temporal structures and dependencies. Flow of system should also be simple so that every customer can adopt to it very easily.

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The red male enhancement commercial played on 94.1 today important point is memory management in modern web browsers and its limitations. A server and client application have to be developed in order to evaluate the different compression methods. The implemented software has been evaluated for its results of the computed virtual plane, intrinsic data and eye positions of the user. For this, we use uncertainty propagation. Die Nachvollziehbarkeit von Zusammenhängen hängt hingegen von der Positionierung der Datenpunkte. For this, we use ground-truth data from the dblp digial library as foundation and integrate data from a variety of resources, such as ieee Xplore or Springer Link.

Zum Erlangen der Rohdaten befindet sich auf der Matratze Bettlaken mit einem groben Gitter aus Elektroden, wodurch an jedem Schnittpunkt des Gitters ein kapazitiver Wert gemessen werden kann. This work proposes embedding score coherence information in the fusion process. Our proposed detection concept is tested with three landmark detectors and proved to outperform the baseline concept based on handcrafted and transferable CNN features. Show publication details WOW-A-Cluster! Further experiments show that these results are independent from the number of concurrent streams. This deterministic approach makes structures and node locations persistent which creates identical visual representations of the graph. Mit Hilfe von Graphen besteht die Möglichkeit, Ausfallsimulationen für einzelne Knoten durchzuführen, um den Dominoeffekt, der durch den Ausfall dieses einen Knotens entsteht, abzuschätzen. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft with over 60 institutes is no exception. The major challenge is to determine the weights of the graph in order to obtain a good segmentation. This can be made worse by dependencies on previous work, often not fully documented and without training given from the original designer.

Show publication details Approximation von Reflexionsmodellen für das interaktive Kleidungsdesign unter natürlicher Beleuchtung Darmstadt, TU, Bachelor Thesis, 2015 Im Bereich des virtuellen Prototyping ist die Echtzeitsimulation ein unerlässliches Werkzeug geworden. Show publication details Automated User Evaluation Analysis for a Simplified and Continuous Software Development Darmstadt, TU, Master Thesis, 2018 In today's world, computers are tightly coupled with the internet and play a vital role in the development of business and various aspects of human lives. We present a variant of the precomputed radiance transfer algorithm that is tailored towards real-time spectral rendering on modern graphics hardware. Beispielsweise Computernetzwerke, bei denen die einzelnen Computer über geographische Standorte verfügen. Mixed Reality systems find appliance in entertainment areas like movies and games, as well as prototype presentations or visualization of planned or damaged constructions. This issue presents challenges since the cost of a task at a PU is non-deterministic and can be affected by parameters not known a priori. Show publication details Web-based Visual-Interactive Exploration of Network Data Darmstadt, TU, Bachelor Thesis, 2018 The amount of cyberattacks in Germany increased over the last years but many small and medium-sized enterprises can not afford Security Operation Centers (SOCs) to find and handle these attacks. We discuss different hypotheses that can be made for the optimization algorithm. The algorithm processes 8 frames per second with the target distance ranging from.3m.5. However, digital libraries do not provide sufficient information for analyzing trends. Therefore the robot is equipped with a consumer depth camera used to perform gesture recognition and self-localization for computing the global pointing direction. Die Segmentierung einer organo-Gruppe ermöglicht Anwendungen zur automatischen Vermessung, Inspektion oder Sortierung.

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For this purpose we present a theoretical analysis of patch-based depth reconstruction. Können zusätzlich die gewählten Segmentierungen manuell weiter verfeinert werden. Precise positioning of the markers is not required, rather they can be placed arbitrarily on surfaces or along edges, which notably facilitates the preparative effort. Most of the suggested systems rely on wearable devices or smartphones, which are not always at hand and depend on the limb they are attached. A proof-of-concept with a web application for mobile devices was implemented.

Den Abschluss bildet ein Beispielszenario, dass unter Verwendung einiger der Regeln mehrere Graphen mit geografischem Bezug generiert. Most existing systems require textiles to be spread out in order to detect defects. The deformation process is supported by a mesh red male enhancement commercial played on 94.1 today segmentation to create pre-defined deformation targets. Show publication details Text and Image Area Classification in Mobile Scanned Digitised Documents Post processing and automatic interpretation of images plays an increasingly important role in the mobile area. Neben der schnellen und interaktiven Simulation ist die fotorealistische Darstellung der Materialien ein wichtiger Bestandteil, falls das System für Design- und Simulationszwecke eingesetzt werden soll. Show publication details Exploration of Natural Free-Hand Interaction for Shape Modeling Using Leap Motion Controller International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW) 2016, Chongqing, China In this paper, we propose a web-enabled shape modeling system with natural free-hand interaction, which. This thesis proposes a real-time system that combines the methods of CNN-slam with image based localization within a simple city model. It poses a challenging task because of the uniqueness and variety in size, shape and texture of these artifacts.

A low-cost grid of crossed wires is proposed that is placed between the mattress and the bed sheet that creates 48 measurement points. To make use red male enhancement commercial played on 94.1 today of the images within a geo-referenced context they first have to be localized globally. The fulfillment of such requirement can be limited realized with a simple client / server system, since these do not scale well and act slowly in poor conditions. Show publication details MobileAR Browser - A Generic Architecture for Rapid AR-multi-level Development We present our novel generic approach for interfacing web components on mobile devices in order to rapidly develop Augmented Reality (AR) applications using html5, JavaScript, X3D and a vision engine. With the proposed enhancements, differences of few millimeters can be detected from 1 m measurement distance. In order to better visualize connections within the data, concepts of presentation are discussed. Sometimes also a mixture of both digital library data and manually collected documents is relevant to be able to validate a certain trend, where one gives a big picture and other gives a very condensed overview of the present scenario. Show publication details Converting Underwater Imaging into Imaging in Air International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (visapp) 9, 2014, Lisbon, Portugal The application of imaging devices in underwater environments has become a common practice.

Show publication details Eliminating the Ground Reference for Wireless Electric Field Sensing European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI) 14, 2018, Larnaca, Cyprus Capacitive systems are getting more and more attention these days. Nevertheless, the high potential of these systems is not yet exhausted completely. Motivated by red male enhancement commercial played on 94.1 today the fact that normals can be recovered more reliably than depth, we represent our surface as both a depth map and a normal map. Show publication details User-Centered Scientific Publication Research and Exploration in Digital Libraries Darmstadt, TU, Master Thesis, 2018 Scientific research is the basis for innovations. To secure these data, we present two security extensions for cloud-based geospatial data storages. Since the required dynamic and measurement functions in a visual slam system are usually non-linear, EKF-based implementations need to linearise these functions, which leads to linearisation errors in the state estimate. In this thesis, gesture based interaction in the automotive is examined. Specifically, we introduce a simple feedback loop that exploits the fast convergence of the ICP algorithm to efficiently speed up the search for a valid global alignment. Show publication details Step by Step: Early Detection of Diseases Using an Intelligent Floor European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI) 14, 2018, Larnaca, Cyprus Lecture Notes in Computer Science (lncs 11249 The development of sensor technologies in smart. Anschließend werden diese Informationen verwendet um Kartenmaterial zu erzeugen. We name the curves essential loops and discuss their properties and transitions.

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Im Mittelpunkt dieser Masterarbeit steht die Schritt-für-Schritt Entwicklung und Analyse eines Systems (in Form eines Algorithmus) zur bildbasierten Detektion von Fehlern in Materialien. Eine fehlerhafte Initialisierung konnte von den Optimierern nicht ausgeglichen werden. Show publication details Transactions on red male enhancement commercial played on 94.1 today Computational Science xviii International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW) 11, 2012, Darmstadt, Germany Lecture Notes in Computer Science (lncs 7848 Transactions on Computational Science, 18 Created intentionally or spontaneously, cyberworlds are information spaces and communities. Besides providing a compact and rotational-invariant representation, the proposed approach reduced the equal error rate by more than 55 and the computational time by a factor of up to 44 compared to the original representation. Burglary detection was rated as similarly important assigned as health features, whereas living comfort features were considered less useful.

The different phases of the labeling process are included in the toolkit in order to allow users to always apply the most appropriate strategy in each phase. As manual segmentation is very costly, automatic segmentation algorithms are needed. Snapping allows by using constraints the merging of multiple objects into a new object. Our novel and more general approach for organic objects is a first and important step in a measuring or inspection system. We chose capacitive proximity sensors and accelerometers that are placed below the furniture. Those structures are segmented of medical images. Show publication red male enhancement commercial played on 94.1 today details User Location Modeling Based on Heterogeneous Data Sources Darmstadt, TU, Bachelor Thesis, 2014 Over the past decade, interest in home automation systems constantly grew.